In Harmony

In Harmony When was the last time you felt your mind and body rest? I’m not talking about self-care or the occasional downtime we allow ourselves when circumstances are tough, but real harmony between your brain, body, and spirit. For most of us, the last year and a half has presented challenge after challenge and …

Melinda Menezes, MD clinic Update

Please read this important update regarding the coronavirus COVID-19 and our decision to close the clinic to all in-person visits at this time.

melinda menezes md phone system outage june 13, 2019

Having trouble reaching us? The clinic phone system provider is currently experiencing a system-wide outage and may be unavailable to AT&T, Hawaiian TelComm and other mobile and landline customers on June 13.

Self care is health care. this is a photo of a pink neon sign that says

We believe that self care isn’t just important but a critical element of your overall health and wellbeing. Between long to-do lists at home and work, travel, school, and caregiving we all have things that cause stress to spike this time of year. Check out our favorite ways to take care and refresh.