Frown Fighting Fridays (And Saturdays!)

Have fine lines, wrinkles or resting stress face got you feeling less than your best? It’s time to turn that feeling around and make an appointment for a light touch of Botox® or Dysport during our Frown Fighting Fridays (and Saturdays!)

For a limited time we are offering 20% off Botox® and Dysport injections on the first Friday and Saturday of each month. You must call to make an appointment for Frown Fighting Fridays and space is limited. Not ready for needles but want to see results? Our needle-less topical filler from SkinBetter Science is the perfect fine line fighter and a great addition to your healthy skin fitness routine. 

More Than A Fine Line Fighter

Botox® isn’t just for women and can be used to treat more than just fine lines. Watch Dr. Menezes’ 12 Ways of Botox® series for all of the trouble areas Botox®can treat. 

If your skin needs a total refresh after too much summer sun a light touch of Botox® and our Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment, No Peeling Peels or Eclipse MicroPen with platelet-rich plasma can help you hit the reset button on fine lines, acne, scarring and unwanted pigmentation or spots for good.