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Spiritual Rx

Spiritual Rx: Aura Hygiene Part I

Spiritual RX: Aura Hygiene Part 1 Battered. Shredded. Depleted. Torn. Leaking. Dirty.  In these un-ordinary times, our auras have been taking a beating, leaving us

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In Harmony

In Harmony When was the last time you felt your mind and body rest? I’m not talking about self-care or the occasional downtime we allow

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Skin Fitness

Glow Getting Low? Connect with Us!

The clinic remains closed, but I want to hear from you. How are you feeling? Are you experiencing any health, skin or other issues I can help you with?  Let me know by taking the brief survey.

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Melinda Menezes, MD clinic Update

Clinic Update COVID-19

Please read this important update regarding the coronavirus COVID-19 and our decision to close the clinic to all in-person visits at this time.

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