Clinic Policies

Safety is our top priority and we are complying with all Hawaii State and Federal Government guidelines. Please help us keep you and our community safe by reviewing our updated operating policies and procedures.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 


Appointments are required for services. Walk-in product pick-up and shopping welcome. Call the clinic at 808-855-8436 to make an appointment.  For general questions about products or services you may email

Patient Registration

  • Existing Patients: You are required to complete consent forms in your TouchMD account before every appointment. Consents will be assigned to your TouchMD account the week of your appointment. Please complete them before you arrive.

  • New Patients: Welcome! When you call to make your first appointment our staff will use the personal information you provide to create your electronic medical record in PatientNow. You must consent to receive email communication, as you will be sent two emails from PatientNow that will allow you to confirm your identity and complete your record.

TouchMD and Consents

TouchMD is an interactive patient platform where you will find your treatment and COVID consent forms, as well as pre- and post-care information. New patients will receive an email from TouchMD to register and create a password. Consent forms are loaded into your account the week of your scheduled appointment(s). Please complete consents before every appointment.

If you need help with PatientNow or TouchMD registration, please call 808-855-8436.

Safety Policies

We have adopted the following protocols and procedures. Patients visiting the clinic must comply­­.

  • Travel or Illness: If you or anyone in your household have traveled outside of Kauai within two weeks of your scheduled appointment or experienced any flu- or cold-like symptoms, please reschedule your appointment.
  • Masks: Everyone at Melinda Menezes, MD is required to wear a mask while inside the clinic. Patients may remove masks for treatment only when instructed to do so by a clinical staff member.
  • Social Distancing and Sanitation: To maintain social distancing, fewer patients are being seen in a day to accommodate rigorous cleaning and sanitation. Patients will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entry. Meticulous cleaning is a standard practice at our clinic and we will continue to wash our hands and disinfect all surfaces frequently.
  • Guests: Only patients with scheduled appointments are allowed in the clinic. Children, pets, friends, and family members are not allowed to accompany you.
  • Food and Drinks: No food or drink is allowed in the clinic at this time.

Telehealth Consultations and Follow-Ups

If you are unable to come into the clinic but would like to see Dr. Menezes for a quick follow-up or question, telehealth solutions can be arranged. Contact the clinic at 808-855-8436 to make arrangements.