Staying Sane through the Holidays with Skin Fitness

Thanksgiving is barely in the rearview mirror and my end of the year stress level is on the rise. Sound familiar? Between work, travel, family and all of the daily to-do’s that pile up this time of year staying healthy and sane isn’t easy. My name is Tessa and while I usually work behind the scenes as Dr. Menezes’ marketing coordinator, she asked me to pull back the curtain this month and share a little about my Skin Fitness journey and self care routine I use to keep my skin healthy and reduce stress during this busy time of year.

The Product Graveyard

Like many 30-something year old women I struggled with skin issues for the majority of my teen and adult life. I suffered from severe acne as a teenager and while the bumps and blemishes cleared in my 20’s I was left with deep scarring and discoloration that no over the counter product could ever touch. I tried every cleanser, toner, makeup product and scar cream I could find and nothing made a difference. I kept a graveyard of discarded and disappointing products hiding in my bathroom drawers that didn’t work and showed just how much time and money I was burying with every disappointing result. I wasn’t embarrassed by my skin or scars but I found the amount of effort I put into covering it up and buying products I knew wouldn’t work the way I wanted them to left me feeling drained and defeated – not a great way to start and end the day.

First Steps


I first connected with Dr. Menezes in 2016 and started my Skin Fitness journey with a ZO Skin Health product routine for morning and evening and kicked everything off with an Eclipse Micropen + PRP treatment. The micropen treatment was the first time I had ever undergone a treatment for the scarring and issues I’d been dealing with since my teen years and even though I looked a little like a cherry tomato immediately after the treatment (above photo) it was a simple and comfortable procedure and I could tell that I was finally taking steps that would help me take care of something that bothered me for so long.

Skin Care = Self Care!


In the two years since I started my Skin Fitness journey my skin has improved so much and I have seen just how important it is to find the right plan and stick with it. My skin looks and feels healthier than it did two years ago but Skin Fitness is a journey. It takes time and effort to get results. Another bonus of sticking with a Skin Fitness plan is that skin care = great self care! I love starting and ending my day with 10 minutes of me time and as a small business owner making time for self care is essential to managing my stress. I work from home which can be a challenge during the holidays when friends and family come to stay – imagine trying to work while your crazy uncle sleeps in your office and you’ll understand why making time for self care that takes me away from the office and out of reach of my computer and phone for a few hours is a healthy habit I’ve come to really enjoy. 

Flood of Visitors? Relax with HydraFacial!


Last week while a flood of family was visiting and work stress was high I made a point to sneak out and try the new Skin Fitness HydraFacial at Melinda Menezes, MD. It was an hour of relaxation that I definitely needed and my skin looked instantly cleaner, fresher and more radiant. Sarah was extremely professional and has such a calming presence and goes all out to make the experience relaxing. It’s been more than a week since my treatment I can still see a difference in pore size and how quickly my products absorb when I put them on. I can’t wait to go back for another! Other treatments that have been a part of my Skin Fitness journey include Clear + Brilliant laser treatments and MicroPen both of which are really effective for me. If you are waiting to get on a Skin Fitness plan or haven’t been sure how to start now is the time to visit the clinic for a consultation. Dr. Menezes and her entire staff are passionate about helping you get the results you want and find the products and treatments that are right for you. Call the clinic at 808-855-8436 to get started today and say goodbye to your product graveyard today.