hand with lotion

Investing in a Skin Fitness plan is the first step in achieving your healthy skin goals, but how you apply your products is what gets results. Watch Dr. Menezes explain the best way to apply product for the greatest result and least amount of waste.

Many times I see patients pump out lotion, sunscreen or product into the palm of their hands, rub it around and then push it onto their face. While this may be a quick way to apply your product it is not the most effective because most of your product ends up on your hands and not on your face.

What is the best way to apply product?

Take your product and dispense the recommended amount onto the back of your hand. Dot the product around your face and smooth in with just your fingertips. This ensures that your product gets where you need it most and isn’t wasted on the palm of your hand.

When you adopt a healthy Skin Fitness plan, apply products consistently and effectively for at least 6 weeks you will see long-lasting, healthy skin results! If you’re ready to get the best skin of your life or if your plan is ready for a refresh make an appointment today. If you haven’t tried our VISIA Skin Assessment system this is a fantastic tool for seeing your healthy Skin Fitness results on a scientific level.