woman receiving micropen treatment with platelet rich plasma at melinda menezes md

Vampire facelift, plasma facial, microneedle treatment – all of these are names you may have seen or heard for a nonsurgical skin care treatment that uses your body’s own plasma to rejuvenate skin and facial tissue. But what is it really – a Hollywood trend or passing fad reserved only for the rich and famous? No way! Not at all!

A MicroPen treatment with platelet-rich plasma is a simple and effective procedure for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, acne, scarring and pigmentation. MicroPen is a popular treatment with our patients at Melinda Menezes, MD and we get lots of questions about it. Let’s explore what makes this procedure so special and how it is anything but a passing trend.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Why Do We Use It?

Plasma is the liquid component of human blood and carries out a lot of essential functions in your body. Platelets are cell fragments that circulate in your blood and stick together when damage occurs. In other words platelets help your blood clot when you have a cut. Platelets are special because they contain all kinds of growth factors that stimulate cell renewal, tissue regeneration and healing.

What is MicroPen?

We use the Eclipse MicroPen at Melinda Menezes, MD. It is a pen-like device with 12 tiny micro-needle points that pulsate as they glide over the skin causing microdamage to the top layers of skin. This microdamage kickstarts healing and puts your skin into regeneration mode. When paired with PRP that regeneration mode gets kicked into hyperdrive – super repair mode engage! Your skin forms new cells which dramatically reduces the appearance of scars, melasma and wrinkles.

What is a MicroPen Appointment Like?

There are several steps that will take place during your MicroPen procedure.

Step 1: Relax and enjoy yourself. You are doing something wonderful for yourself and for your skin. MicroPen with PRP is a nonsurgical procedure with very minimal pain and downtime. When you arrive at the clinic and check in you’ll be instructed to wash your face or other treatment area and a topical numbing cream will be applied to the area.

Step 2: While you are numbing Dr. Menezes, Kim or Lina will draw a small vial of blood from your arm. If needles aren’t your thing we totally get it and are here to hold your hand. All of our staff are highly trained and very gentle. Once we have a small vial or two of blood we’ll spin it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the rest of your blood.

Step 3: Get comfy and let the magic happen! Once you’re numb and the serum is ready the procedure will begin. The MicroPen device will glide over your skin and the PRP serum will be applied and rubbed into the micro holes that are created. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes and most patients describe sensation of the treatment like rubbing a fine-grain sandpaper over the skin or an intense exfoliation – some even say it’s relaxing! 

Step 4: Take it easy and take home your goodies! Right after the procedure your skin will be red and a little tender. You may even experience a little swelling in sensitive areas. Dr. Menezes will send you home with instructions for the next few days and some extra PRP serum that you will apply before bed. Don’t wear any makeup for the rest of the day and keep out of the sun.

You can return to work right away but most patients return the next day. Over the course of the next few days your skin will jump into recovery mode. You may experience some itching, tightness, redness or peeling. All of these are normal and should disappear within a week leaving you with dramatic and visibly smooth results. 

At Melinda Menezes, MD we are results driven and patient oriented. Our passion is seeking out the safest, most effective aesthetic technology and treatments for you. We don’t mess around with fads or Hollywood trends because our patients are real men and women who want to look and feel like the person they are inside – healthy, youthful and confident. We love MicroPen and PRP because it is noninvasive, quick and safe with beautiful, skin-changing results.