Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why does Dr. Menezes require a new patient consultation if I already know what I want to have done?

Dr. Menezes will work with you to have a complete picture of your skin’s health and beauty needs. Then together you can prioritize your treatments.

Does insurance pay for an aesthetic consultation?

No. A credit card deposit will be accepted to secure your appointment time.

What is the cancellation policy?

Appointments need to be cancelled a full business day prior to your appointment to avoid loss of your deposit.

Is a total body skin exam covered by my insurance?

Insurance is complicated these days, but almost all Health Plans cover skin evaluations and biopsies. Check with your plan. You many need a referral to see Dr. Menezes from your primary care physician. Dr Menezes’s office will submit a claim to your insurance plan, but payment is ultimately your responsibility. Dr. Meneze’s office does not accept Humana, Ohana, or Aloha Care Quest Plans.

I have a mole I want off, why does she have to look everywhere?

Skin damage can occur in places that may be hard to find. A total body skin exam is quick, painless and could help save your life.

Dr. Menezes is a Board Certified in Family Medicine, is she qualified to do a skin checkup and biopsies?

Dr. Menezes’ training includes dermatology and preventative services.


How Long Does It Last?

Results typically last from 6 months to a year. Most patients like to maintain their results with brief “touch-ups” every 6 months or so. Adding Botox can help the Juvederm’s staying power.

Why not just use Voluma everywhere if it lasts longer?

Juvederm is much softer so it has places it works better than Voluma.

Will I look different?

Dr. Menezes has a light hand and gently restores natural smoothness where it belongs. That being said, you may have some temporary bruising or swelling, so it’s best not to have a procedure right before a big event. Dr. Menezes’ signature experience is that people think you look rested and relaxed. Nothing fake. No duck lips allowed.

Will it hurt?

Some areas of the face are more sensitive than others. We can use facial nerve blocks with Lidocaine and ice to reduce discomfort. Juvederm XC also has Lidocaine in it, so that really helps. And we can use microcannula in many areas of the face which reduces risk of bruising and can be more comfortable.

I’d like to look more relaxed and refreshed. What do I do next?

The first thing is to have a consultation so your goals and needs can be addressed and we can make a plan. Call the office or book online. New patient consultation fees are credited towards procedures.

Botox Cosmetic™

How does Botox work?

Botox is a neuromodulator, so it blocks the signal from nerves that make the muscles contract. Relaxed muscles allow the skin above to smooth out. Effects last 3-4 months. The longer you use Botox, the better your results.

Does it hurt?

In truth, no. Okay, maybe a little bit, but it’s so worth it! It is a few tiny needle pricks and we are done. Basically no pain. Easy. Lovely results in about a week. No anesthesia required. No down time. That is why Botox is so popular with our patients.

Will I look different?

You will look like you, just more rested. Dr. Menezes’ style is to allow natural expression with moderate effects. You can come in for a quick touch up if needed.

Why does Dr. Menezes cost more than other people who inject Botox?

Dr. Menezes’ prices are right inline with national and local averages for physician injectors. She invests in her education, brings the best and latest techniques the industry has to offer, has the freshest product, and wants to make sure you are extremely happy with your results. And you know what is really expensive? Botched Botox-weird, surprised eyebrows, drooped eyelids and frozen face. Your investment in yourself is worth getting the best.

I am not sure why I haven’t tried Botox sooner. What can I do to get rid of these wrinkles ASAP?

The first thing is to have a consultation so your goals and needs can be addressed. Call the office or book online. New patient consultation fees are credited towards procedures. Please let the staff know if you think you will want Botox on the day of your consultation so we can allow for extra time.

Medical Professional Peels

How intense are these peels?

There is no pain during the treatment. The Treatment takes about 15 minutes in the office. You can go back to your daily activities immediately after your appointment. When you leave your skin may look a little red. No strenuous exercise for the next 24 hours.

What if I don’t peel?

Sometimes really damaged skin won’t peel. That’s okay. You are sloughing the top layers without the flaking. The really magic is in the infusion of Retinol that stimulates healthy skin, so you will still see a noticeable improvement with your peels.

Who shouldn’t get a peel?

These peels are not appropriate if you are :

allergic to aspirin
take Accutane
recently waxed the skin area to be treated
are on chemotherapy

How do I take care of my skin while I’m in the peel process?

Best not to wear make-up. Wash with a very gentle face wash, like a baby wash or the SkinMedica Daily Cleanser. NO EXFOLIATING, no scrubs, no brushes and no picking or pulling the skin. You have new baby skin. Be really nice to it. When you are peeling, use a calming lotion to help the process along. Sunscreen is a must.

How do I take care of my skin after my peel series?

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. You have made an investment in improving your skin. It needs to be fed, hydrated and protected. A daily skin care regime, with products that are proven to nourish the health of the skin can be customized for you. Drink lots of water and always use sun protection. Find a sunscreen you enjoy wearing and keep it by the front door, in your bag or purse, and any other place that you frequent so it is easy to remember to put it on. Big hats and sun protective clothing are also essential. Avoid peek sun times.