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The listed amount is a starting point and is subject to change based on your personal treatment plan. Price is per unit noted. Savings and add-ons can be earned or applied to a session price as noted.

*Treatments listed under pink headers qualify for book it and keep it 10% discount. 

Complete medical facial

Our medical facial is one of the most popular and effective treatments we offer. It’s a complete tune-up for your face and 75 minutes of total body relaxation. This personalized treatment pairs state-of-the-art cleansing and exfoliating technology with personalized serums, skin savers, extractions, dermaplane, lymphatic drainage, and LED light therapy. View service | FAQ

75-minute session for face with skin saver$375
Additional session for hands$75
Additional session for neck and chest$100
60-minute session for back$375$250
60-minute session for bottom$375$250
45-minute session for scalp$325$250
30-minute session for lymphatic therapy for face, back or arms$175$75 for 15-minute add on
Additional skin savers$50
B12 Shot$35

Collagen Induction Treatment (60-minutes)

 Treatment uses tiny, automated needles to stimulate your body’s own ability to produce collagen. Like every treatment we offer, your experience will be 100% unique to you. Add Exosomes or Skin Savers to further stimulate collagen production. View service | FAQ

60-minute session for face with skin saver$650
Add one 15-minute session for neck/chest$150
Add 1cc exosomes$450
Add 5cc exosomes$1,500
Additional skin saver$50

Womens' health laser

We don’t talk enough about what happens to womens’ health after childbirth and menopause. Many women suffer from symptoms of vaginal atrophy including painful sex, urinary incontinence, dryness, and more. Laser therapy with the AcuPulse C02 laser can help. 
View service | FAQ

1 treatment$900

IPL Treatment

IPL treatments use powerful light to target skin imperfections and reveal radiant, balanced skin. View service | FAQ

Face and neck$450
Face, neck & chest$650
Arms and hands$400$250 for 15 minutes
Add 1cc exosomes$450
Add 5cc exosomes$1,500

LED Light Therapy

Red light therapy heals the skin after skincare treatments and lasers. LED light therapy can also increase blood circulation and reduce stress, rosacea, inflammation, muscle, joint, and arthritic pain. View service | FAQ

25-minute session for face$45
45-minute session for body on LightStim Bed (includes face)$65
Add skin saver$50
B12 Shot$35

Anesthetic Options

Pain management 

Dental nerve block$150

PDO Threads

PDO Threads stimulate natural collagen production and are safe, nonsurgical, and FDA-cleared for use in facial rejuvenation. PDO Threads are commonly used for face, brow, and neck lifts as well as smoothing, and lifting sagging or crepey skin all over the body. PDO threads can also improve stretch marks, reduce scarring, lines, and wrinkles. Price determined on individual basis

View service | FAQ

Essentials Express Facial With Skin Saver

Now you can get all the essentials and deep skin nutrition of the medical facial in an express treatment. The new Essentials Express Facial is a 30-minute treatment and includes deep cleansing and warm towel, dermaplane, infrared light, and U.SK Skin Saver for deep nutrition. View service | FAQ

30-minute Express Facial$175

Filler & Radiesse

Dermal fillers and Radiesse can be used to create full lips, a contoured jawline or natural-looking volume Dr. Menezes will work with you to choose the right filler and treatment areas. View service | FAQ

1 Syringe$750
2 Syringe$1,400$100
3 Syringe$1,950$300
4 Syringe$2,500$500

Neurotoxin (Wrinkle Relaxer)

Neurotoxin injections treat wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles that cause them. View service | FAQ

Minimum purchase$150
10-39 units$15/unit
40-99 units$12/unit20%
100+ units$10/unit30%


Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells under the chin to improve your profile. View service | FAQ

1 Vial$650
2 Vials$1,200$100
3 Vials$1,650$300

Gentle & Intensive Laser

Gentle laser or ResurFX treatment for improving skin tone and fighting signs of aging. View service | FAQ

60-minute session for face with skin saver$650
Additional 15-minute session for neck and chest$150
Additional session for hands$50
1 session for back$650
Additional skin saver$50

Duet Treatment

Pick two treatments. 75-minute session with Gentle Laser, IPL, Collagen Induction or ResurFX .  View service | FAQ

75-minute session for face with skin saver$850
Additional 15-minute session for neck and chest$350
Additional session for hands$50
Add 1cc exosomes$450
Add 5cc exosomes$1,500
Additional skin saver$50

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Combine treatments for personalized results

Everything we do is customized to you and many of our services are designed to be mixed and matched for maximum results. Dr. Menezes and staff will always work with you to find the best treatment combinations for your desired budget, timeframe and results.