March 20, 2022

Battered. Shredded. Depleted. Torn. Leaking. Dirty.

In these un-ordinary times, our auras have been taking a beating, leaving us feeling, blah, or worse.

Everyone is aware that they have thoughts and feelings, and a physical body.  The energetic body, or the aura is also part of our set-up.  You may not be aware of your own aura, but it is part of your daily experience. Example: being physically near someone makes you feel calm and loved, while someone else drains away your life force.  Neither one says a word.  You just feel it.  Your aura is interacting with their aura, for better or worse.

On some level, everyone knows about energy fields or auras. You just feel it. Everything has an energy signature: people, plants, pets, places, jewelry, furniture, crystals, rocks, water.  It’s all energy.  Everything is energy and energy is everything.

So throughout the day, our field can get the debris of life stuck on it. It can get banged up. And we have life struggles and traumas that can put a rip in our aura. Even the day to day grind can cause a film to stick on us and drag down our energy.
So how can we navigate the day and keep our energy clear, tidy and intact?  It begins with the morning. When you are still in bed, just waking up, before reaching for your phone and getting slammed with the demands of email, texts or the news, take a moment to set the intention of the day and shield your energy! This is along the lines of what I say or rather FEEL:

Good Morning

God, Divine, Universe, Love, Higher Power that is the everything. (Pause here and consider the mystery of life.) I picture the Universe beyond our planet and acknowledge that there is so much that my little mind can’t understand. Thank you for the opportunity to grow and serve.

If you can’t find anything to be grateful for, really try because there is a lot. Still stuck with nothing? Ask for help to see the gifts of Life. Beginning with gratitude is key

Picture a light in and around you, any color or colors. For me, sometimes it looks like a disco ball, sometimes it’s marbled shimmering pastels, sometimes bright, bright, bright white light. Whatever comes to mind, let that be your aura. 

Thank you for completely shielding and protecting me.

Now see a super, super bright light.  Think about staring directly at the sun and make it brighter still, let that light pour over and into you and surround you. Picture yourself getting packaged in heavy bubble wrap, or I like to picture the force field around the droideka from StarWars. My bestie, Anne, pictures a beautiful leopard patrolling around her light field.  Put on armor, suit up like Ironman, encase yourself in a diamond, whatever makes you feel 100% safe and protected.

Let Go

Let all negativity (fear, darkness, ickiness, what have you) bounce off and far away from me. Let my white light transform darkness back to Light and Love. Thank you.  I’m looking forward to seeing the miracles, magic and mystery unfold in the moments of today. 

Spiritually Undressed No More

This whole thing could take a minute or twenty if you want to do a lot of visualizing. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective. 

Now let’s say your dog starts heaving to puke on your bedroom floor and you are jolted awake before you can say your good morning prayer of self-protection.  Time quickly gets away from you. Then you find yourself spilling coffee on your pants, searching for your phone and keys, trying desperately to walk out the door, spiritually undressed. 

It’s fine. When and wherever you think of it, you can see your aura, bring in the Light, shield and protect yourself and be good to go. Because my Grandmother Rose, would put a bracelet on my chubby baby wrist to protect me, I associate putting on my jewelry with praying for protection. So that is my failsafe if I get off track in the morning.  

This practice has been essential to basic functioning for me this past year.  It is helpful to everyone, but particularly those who give of themselves to others throughout the day: cashiers, concierges, peace officers, health care workers, teachers, parents. And it’s also extra helpful before going to court or Costco. 

Next time- Aura Hygiene part II-Grounding

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