Everything you need to know about medical facials

a woman receives a medical facial. The image shows a close up of the facial device on the womans face. She is relaxed and serene.

What is a Medical Facial?

Our medical facial is not a spa facial. This facial is a precision treatment that pairs state-of-the-art hydrafacial deep cleansing and exfoliating technology with personalized peels, serums, extractions, dermaplane and LED light therapy to get work done. You will not find a facial experience as effective as ours anywhere else. This is a medical treatment designed to kick your at-home Skin Fitness routine into overdrive.

What does a Medical Facial Treat?

It targets various skin conditions offering a clearer, more hydrated, youthful, and luminous complexion.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Medical Facial?

This treatment is suitable for all skin types and tones. It provides immediate improvement in skin’s appearance without downtime. The deep cleaning and clearing of our Medical facial is great for those just starting their Skin Fitness journey. Pre and Post procedure medical facials can amplify results and speed recovery. It is also wonderful as a monthly routine for those focused on skin health. It is recommended to be enjoyed at least twice a year and prior to special events. 

Real Results

Age Range: 25-44

Skin Type: Combination

Treatment Plan:

  • At-home, medical-grade skin care
  • Medical facials
patient with acne treated by dr. menezes patient with crows feet wrinkles treated by Dr. menezes

How to Prepare for a Medical Facial

  • Wear comfortable, open neck clothing and arrive with a clean face, free of makeup.
  • Come with questions about your skin and products.  You expect to leave with a better understanding of your skin’s needs and the appropriate products for your daily routine. 
  • Stop your retinols and exfoliating acids at least 5 days prior to treatment.

What to Expect During Medical Facial Treatment

The medical facial treatment is relaxing and 75 minutes. You are welcome to fall asleep, or ask endless questions.  You will likely want to plan to be seen because your skin is glowing and bright.

Melinda Menezes MD sunscreen sitting on the shelf in the clinic boutique. The labels are a vibrant magenta color and one bottle is labeled as a tester

Doc's Tips for Recovering Well

  • Post-treatment protect the skin with SPF.
  • Avoid exfoliating treatments or products for a few days to allow the skin to soak up the beneficial serums and savers.
  • Daily skin care is crucial for maintaining and improving skin health.

When to Reach Out

While our medical facial is known for its safety, efficacy, and comfort, contact the clinic for guidance if you experience unusual redness, swelling, or signs of an allergic reaction. It is important to follow aftercare instructions and report concerns for prompt attention.

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