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self care

Self-Care Corner – March Books and Apps

Practicing self-care and helping others show love and kindness toward themselves is a guiding philosophy at our clinic. Check out Dr. Menezes’ self-care corner for books, apps, and activities you can use to incorporate more self-care into your routine at home.

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what are PDO threads and how do thread lifts work?
pdo threads

What are PDO Threads and How Does a Thread Lift Work?

One of the most common issues our patients ask us about and seek treatment for is skin laxity – in other words aging and sagging skin. PDO threads stimulate collagen production and are a safe, non-invasive (non-surgical) treatment for use in facial rejuvenation.

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melinda menezes md

We’re Listening – Patient Survey Feedback

In December we sent out our annual patient feedback survey and your responses have made our wheels turn. Thank you for being so thoughtful with your feedback and for providing us with new services to explore and ways to grow. Find out how we’re growing next.

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