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melinda menezes md phone system outage june 13, 2019

Clinic Phone Provider Outage

Having trouble reaching us? The clinic phone system provider is currently experiencing a system-wide outage and may be unavailable to AT&T, Hawaiian TelComm and other mobile and landline customers on June 13.

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woman meditating wit white earbuds headphones
self care

Self-Care Corner – March Books and Apps

Practicing self-care and helping others show love and kindness toward themselves is a guiding philosophy at our clinic. Check out Dr. Menezes’ self-care corner for books, apps, and activities you can use to incorporate more self-care into your routine at home.

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what are PDO threads and how do thread lifts work?
pdo threads

What are PDO Threads and How Does a Thread Lift Work?

One of the most common issues our patients ask us about and seek treatment for is skin laxity – in other words aging and sagging skin. PDO threads stimulate collagen production and are a safe, non-invasive (non-surgical) treatment for use in facial rejuvenation.

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